Turning lumens into Lumenade.

You got into the lighting field because there is a better, more beautiful world to be created. Yet you've had to focus on the trivialities of project documentation and product management instead of design.

We are designers who are unimpressed with the way these things are in the industry. We're making Lumenade - a refreshing take on making lighting design easy, inspiring, and fun.

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By lighting designers, for lighting designers.

Our team has decades of lighting experience, international awards, industry accreditation, and the understanding that there is always a better way. We have designed and created lighting, control and app solutions for everyone from international museums and local businesses to individuals and starchitects.

We have a solution for you.

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We're disrupting an industry for you.

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Twitter: @Lumenade
Email: info@Lumenade.com
Phone: 1-844-Lumenade